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"Guardians of Peace & Justice"
Light Side Deck
by Scythe 1

Overview: A balanced fun deck.

The Deck (60 total cards; 15 space, 16 ground, 16 character, 3 mission, 10 battle)
1 x N-1 Starfighter
1 x Bravo N-1 Starfighter
4 x Jedi Starfighter 3R3
1 x Jedi Starfighter Scout
1 x Naboo Starfighter Wing
1 x Naboo Starfighter Squadron
1 x Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A)
1 x Naboo Royal Starship
1 x Naboo Cruiser
2 x Republic Assault Ship
1 x Acclamator-Class Assault Ship
1 x Naboo Spaceport
1 x Naboo Defense Station
2 x Clone Platoon
1 x Clone Trooper Legion
1 x Elite Jedi Squad
1 x AT-TE Walker 71E
1 x AT-TE Walker 23X
2 x Jedi Heroes
1 x Mobile Assault Cannon
1 x Republic Attack Gunship UH-478
1 x Republic Dropship
1 x Republic LAAT/i Gunship
2 x Speeder Bike Squadron
1 x Anakin Skywalker (B)
2 x Anakin Skywalker (C)
1 x Anakin Skywalker (D)
1 x Anakin Skywalker (E)
1 x Anakin Skywalker (F)
1 x Kit Fisto (A)
1 x Mace Windu (B)
2 x Mace Windu (C)
1 x Obi-Wan Kenobi (A)
1 x Obi-Wan Kenobi (B)
1 x Obi-Wan Kenobi (C)
1 x Padme Amidala (D)
1 x Plo Koon (A)
1 x Shaak Ti (A)
1 x Mending
1 x Seek the Council's Wisdom
1 x Visit the Lake Retreat
1 x Hero's Dodge
1 x Jedi Knight's Deflection
1 x Knockdown
1 x Lull in the Fighting
1 x Master and Apprentice
1 x Moment of Truth
1 x Out of His Misery
1 x Peace on Naboo
1 x Supressing Fire
1 x Target Locked

Deck Statistics
Rares: 12, Uncommons: 17, Commons: 31
Average Build: 4.23
Average Speed: 44.04
Average Power: 4.64
Average Health: 4.77

Performance: Not available.

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