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"Kreel's Fleet of Doom", 3rd Revision
Dark Side Deck
by majshark

Overview: Space/ground domination via superior firepower and speed. This is accomplished by space control and softening opposing ground units with bombardment.
The original had two more space units and two fewer character units. The deck had it weaknesses exposed in three consecutive games (all losses), as light side decks stacked for ground combat could command the arena. Since the original version only had two viable attacking characters (Zam and Tyranus), opponents could control the character arena without too much resistance.
After the second revision, I found the deck to still lack staying power in the ground arena. I replaced the three Walking Droid Fighters for three Commerce Guild Droid 81 cards. This gives the ground an increase in power, health and speed for only two extra build. Although shields were nice for the Walking Droid Fighter, the two health and 20 speed were very limiting.
The major revision prior to the one just stated includes the following.

  • Removing a Genosian Fighter and a Droid Starfighter Wing. This deck can control space with relative ease. Even by subtracting two space units this deck should still keep its dominace in space while freeing up card slots to enhance other arenas.
  • Switching a Walking Droid Fighter for a Jawa Sandcrawler. Sometimes the Walking Droid Fighter is deadweight in the hand, as most light side units are quicker and could destory it with minimal effort. The addition of a third sandcrawler will give the arena more units with good health. The sandcrawler's card-cycling ability is a qulaity addition as well.
  • Removed a San Hill (A), Zam Wesell (B) and Darth Tyranus (C) and included Wat Tambor (A) and one of each version of Jango Fett (A,B,C,D). The number of characters boosted from three to five, and the addition of Jango will give this deck a much better opportunity of accomplishing something in the character arena. Although San Hill is useful, I found two to be too many; I took one out and replaced it with Wat Tambor. Wat should give the deck another reason to find success in the character arena (especially if San and Wat are both in play together for a decisive build advantage each turn).

    After all is said and done, however, the deck's basic strategy will remain the same: Control space, bombard, victory. This time, however, the deck should be more competent in arenas not called space.

    The Deck (60 total cards; 18 space, 13 ground, 14 character, 5 mission, 10 battle)
    2 x Trade Federation C-9979
    1 x Tyranus's Solar Sailer (A)
    1 x Slave I (A)
    3 x Geonosian Fighter
    3 x Droid Starfighter Wing
    4 x Trade Federation Battleship
    4 x Trade Federation War Freighter
    3 x Jawa Sandcrawler
    1 x Zam's Airspeeder (A)
    3 x Commerce Guild Droid 81
    4 x Destroyer Droid Squad
    2 x Trade Federation Battleship Core
    1 x San Hill (A)
    1 x Wat Tambor (A)
    1 x Zam Wesell (A)
    2 x Zam Wesell (B)
    1 x Jango Fett (A)
    1 x Jango Fett (B)
    1 x Jango Fett (C)
    1 x Jango Fett (D) 2 x Darth Tyranus (B)
    2 x Darth Tyranus (C)
    1 x Target the Senator
    4 x Splinter the Republic
    4 x Dark Speed
    2 x Strength of Hate
    4 x Pilot's Dodge

    Strategy: During the setup phase the focus is to put into play as many space and ground units as possible. The character arena is usually dismissed during setup so the deck can strengthen its hold in space and on the ground.
    The deck is designed to control space with small, quick-hitting fighers (Geonosian Fighters) and heavy-hitting starships (Trade Federation War Freighter, Trade Fedration Battleship, and to a lesser extent Droid Starfighter Wing). Once space is controlled the deck makes use of the Trade Federation Battleship/War freighter bombard ability. Since the space arena is the first to play, bombardments essentially count as free hits to the opposing ground units, weakening them enough for the deck's ground units to take control. This also counteracts the natural speed advantage the light side has on the ground. A pair of Trade Federation C-9979's provides a safe card-drawing engine while space is controlled.
    The ground forces are comprised of units with great power and just enough speed to take out heavy installations that may occupy the arena. Destroyer Droid Squads and Zam's Airspeeder provide speed versus faster opposing units. A pair of Trade Federation Battleship Cores are included for serious offensive punch and unmatched staying power.
    The character arena revolves around Tyranus, Jango and Zam, each with the capability to stack for quick, powerful strikes. San Hill and Wat Tambor are included to help net build advantage.
    Splinter the Republic is an essenital card to this deck. It allows characters to stack in the character arena or to provide immediate additional support for the gound or space arenas. This is most useful in acquiring an extra bombarder to garner more free hits on ground units.
    With the abundance of firepower available in space and on the ground used in conjunction with Dark Speed and Pilot's Dodge, the deck can set itself up well early. Cards such as Trade Federation Battleship Core and Trade Federation War Freighter may be expensive, but enhanced with a Dark Speed it can tear through a prime opposing unit quickly.

    Performance: After the third revision was made the deck is 8-2. The enhancements in both character and ground arenas made a difference in each game.

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