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Frequently Asked Questions

Includes card/rules questions from the Hardcore expansion.

This page is now broken down into categories as opposed to the long list it was. Categories include card errata, card ruling and questions, and rules questions.

Oddball and I have contacted Wizards of the Coast with the following questions that have come up during game play. Thanks to Matt Hyra and any other customer service reps from WotC for responding quickly to each question. I also want to thank Mark Bakke and Mike Fitzgerald for their 2 cents in regards to some of the following info.


Is the Spinning Kick card a misprint? Is this card suppose to have the option of Continue The Hold?
Yes; it should be a green attack with no option to play a Continue the Hold.

Does the corner card Mix in some Nitro stay in play or is it for one turn only?
That is a misprint; Mix in some Nitro is a move card.

Jeff's Punch should include "Only Jeff Jaarret may use this card."


Can a Resistence Is Useless and Making It Look Easy (which ignores Corners) be played at the same time, or would the RiU be ignored by Making It Look Easy?
Both can be played at the same time.

The unique card Baby reads "Provides 2 Nitro." Does it provide 2 Nitro to who plays it ,or does it apply to all players? If it only applies to who plays it, does the two Nitro the card provides count toward Nitro advantage?
Just to who plays it. The two Nitro the card provides does not count toward Nitro advantage.

For the Thunder card Change of Momentum, the next attack card that comes up from the deck (from damage) is free to play. If a Choke Slam (requiring 6 Nitro) comes up, and that player has less than 6 Nitro. Can it still be played for free, or does the card need to meet the Nitro requirement?
It would be free, so regardless they could use the choke slam.

For Angry Fans and Fans Boo The Other Wrestler, attack cards require 1 extra Nitro. Does this apply to moves like Corner Chaos or Second Wind, or does it apply just to moves that do damage?
Just moves that do damage.

What happens if, upon playing Disco, The Gambling Man, I reveal a Payback or a Gut Check? Do they take effect, or does any card revealed this way go into the discard pile with no effect?
No effect, because they are not being brought up from damage.

Does Late Nitro count toward the Nitro bonus, even though it is technically not a Nitro card?

I play a move where none of the damage is stopped, and I play a Pin. If my opponent has Late Nitro on the table, can he/she discard them in place of regular Nitro cards?
Yes..he/she could do that.

Can you use a Practice Block/Dodge on a Reversal or Payback?

If a Resisitence Is Useless is used with an attack and a Desperate Dodge comes up, will the attacker's turn end, or is this ability ignored as well?
Completely ignores Thunders; they have no effect.

One can discard a corner card from any corner with the Corner Chaos or Chaos in the Ring card. Does this include Thunder cards that become corner cards (i.e. DDP Gets help From Kimberly, Angry Fans, or Late Nitro)?

The corner card Practiced Block says it stops the FIRST 3 damage. Can you discard 2 practiced blocks for a single attack?
No. (Thanks to Mark Bakke and Mike Fitzgerald for this correction.)

If multiple Paybacks are flipped during damage, are they considered seperate damages or are they added up as one damage series?


Can a wrestler be pinned if "the action is out of the ring?"
Has long has the attack still allows it.

If the attack uses requires 2 Nitro and you add on Running Start (or any card that adds + damage) which requires 2 Nitro, do you need 4 Nitro for the attack or 2?
You only need the 2.

Can you play multiple cards that add damage (i.e. two Running Starts) to one attack?

Can more than one weapon be used for an attack?

Rules change: The wrestler with the LOWEST reputation goes first.